A Technika Update

2009 April 30
by Spiritsnare

Sky's so gorgeous, everyone wants her card!

The release for DJ Max Technika is right around the corner (at least for a handful of arcades, Sunnyvale Golfland included)! That said, I’ve updated my guide with songlists and am set to update like mad once Platinum Crew US comes out. Speaking of which, I should probably getting around to getting a new card, because I’m not a huge fan of my Play the Future card…and I want to be able to rank online.

Can’t wait to see everyone purchase and use their The Clear Blue Sky cards! Well, not that I can blame them, Sky (pictured above) is pretty. But not as pretty as Ryun, from Here in the Moment. Or as cute as Yuna from Melody.

First person that I see enjoying a card that doesn’t have a girl on it gets props from me…for being a rebel.

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