At A Glance

Handle: Spiritsnare
First Name:
Born: May 1989
Occupation: College student, second year
Likes: slice-of-life anime, manga, video games (especially music/rhythm games), drawing, reading, writing, photography, computer stuff, most food and drink, hanging out with friends, living life
Dislikes: advanced mathematics

The Story So Far…

For the longest time, I tried to start a weblog, but most attempts ended up in premature failure, due to laziness – I either couldn’t come up with any content in which to write posts, couldn’t come up with a rather attractive way to write them, or both. The closest I got were posts on LiveJournal and deviantART, most of which were filled with typical teenage whining and attempts at dipping my feet into the rather rabid anime/manga/game fandom.

Then I started an anime blog called Waffles, in the winter of 2006. The site continued for about three-fourths of a year before succumbing to the closure of host VisualNews in late 2007. This was my first successful foray into the world of journaling, even though there were no new posts in the three months leading to the closure of the VisualNews servers, due to a loss of active interest in anime.

This blog is yet another attempt at journaling, but now that I haven’t set any restrictions on content, I figure this will be my little writing sandbox. I’ll try to keep things fresh and interesting in case you happen to enjoy my discourse on life.