2010 May 21

I’m still alive! Seven days more to FanimeCon — I figure I should post. Let’s start by talking about anime.

What I’m following this season:

  • Angel Beats!: How do I put this?…it’s so convoluted. There’s the random awesomeness, like, say, every Girls Dead Monster concert and TK (and crew’s) ability to pack up a mahjong set in five frames flat (that’s a sixth of a second!!); then there’s what I expect out of Jun Maeda (every flashback thus far; the Otonashi-hugging-Naoi-in-the-rain sequence; Tenshi missing out on her mabo tofu, et al.); then there are the unanswered questions about the world proper (see: everything about Tenshi). I think it’s precisely because it’s so convoluted that I enjoy it, even if in the end it has the potential to be the biggest troll Maeda’s come up with.
  • Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~: I liked the first series, so I figured I should follow it up with the sequel — it’s pretty hype. So hype, in fact, that I decided to take a look at how Funimation decided to localize the first season (and they did a pretty good job of it, I’d like to say — but I digress.) I see that (as of this post) ANN has it down as a 13-episode series, but AniDB, MyAnimeList, and Wikipedia all say it’s “ongoing” — here’s hoping to another 26 episodes!

What I tried this season:

  • K-ON!!: Watched one episode. I don’t dig the new opening or ending. Supposedly it’s grown on people. Other than that, seems like more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing. On hold, because I’m too lazy.
  • Working!!: Watched three-fourths of the first episode. I’m not sure what turned me off — the oddball cast, the loli jokes, my sympathy for Takanashi, picking on Popura, or what. Dropped for now, but reconsidering. (Also, as an aside, the first half-minute totally invokes the Sex Machineguns.)

Not too much is new, though. Finals are around the corner (I’m prepared for everything!!…except statistics); I recently held Doubletap, a wacky DJ Max Technika tournament (of which you can see videos on Drayne O’s YouTube account); I’ve got two cosplays ready for Fanime (thanks in no small part to Panda)…

What else is there? Oh — for kicks, I bought a bottle of Odor Blocker. It does, indeed, block odor for 16 hours, and maybe a bit more.

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