The DJ Max Fever Limited Edition

2009 February 14

Just three days ago, I recieved the DJ Max Fever Limited Edition set from PM Studios, sent straight from Pentavision marketing director Kalos Kim and relayed via PM Studios’ executive producer, Michael Yum.

To some of you, this DJ Max Portable 2 Orpheus Special Edition might look familiar:

A signed DMP2 Orpheus LE.

“What’s so Fever about this?”, you might ask. It’s the fact that where the supposed DJMAX PORTABLE 2 UMD TITLE (as described on the cover and protective slip, caps and all) is supposed to be, Fever has taken its place.

In the middle, a copy of Fever.

Everything else is, to my knowledge, exactly the same as what the lucky few people who were able to purchase the game got when they purchased their Orpheuses.

The best part is that it’s the Metallic Silver version, or what I like to call Ladymade Star-in-a-box. This particular selection somewhat redeems the fact that Michael Yum kept on referring to this as a Limited Edition of Fever to the end, making it sound as though there’d be something exclusive or unique to recipients of the LE.

I’m quite content, but next time, I’d prefer it if Michael Yum were a bit more honest, even if it went down on record that “the plan for the limited edition release of Fever is to closely resemble (or possibly be equivalent to) the release of the DJ Max Portable 2 Orpheus Package”.

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  1. 2009 February 16
    BBKI permalink

    Wow Dude

    Guess you super awesome to receive this package

    I agree with you about this Limited edition it kinda lame that they just use metalic silver box with signature and content from 2 year ago and slap it with DJ max fever inside.

    So now I gonna make mine Fever limited edition minus the signature.

    BTW nice to know you! I will chceck back from time to time

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