Is A Manabi Blu-Ray Set Happening?!

2010 August 30

And at the tail-end of Manabi’s bassuday, @cowboybibimbop tweeted: “If the Manabi Straight Blu-ray rumours turn out to be true, doushio…”

That’s certainly the first I’ve heard of it, so I figured I’d FANBOY obsess investigate. A quick Google search popped up this thread, which linked to this blog post, roughly translated below.

739 Name: Anonymous@My Belly Is Full. [sage] Date: 2010/08/17 (T) 23:13:55
somehow, the topic came up on NHK radio.
ufo president called it his masterpiece
there was also talk of a BD release
anyone who listened in, details please

741 Name: Anonymous@My Belly Is Full. [sage] Date: 2010/08/19 (Th) 01:42:08
Q: Are there plans for a Manabi Straight sequel?

There was a time when we talked about that
but really, producing it, we’d ended in a very clean way
I think producing a sequel would be out of the question
As for a BD release, we did make HD episodes, I’d like to see it happen someday

742 Name: Anonymous@My Belly Is Full. [sage] Date: 2010/08/19 (Th) 11:43:35
saying it that way just makes me expect it to happen idiot

743 Name: Anonymous@My Belly Is Full. [sage] Date: 2010/08/19 (Th) 22:42:46

760 Name: Anonymous@My Belly Is Full. [sage] Date: 2010/08/27 (F) 00:31:36

The Rakkyo* BD happened so I expect Manabi too, ufo-san

A BD release would definitely be a victory forall of us

* “Rakkyo” = Kara no Kyoukai.

Of course, I’m crossing my fingers. I mean, do you know how hard it is to type a post with fingers crossed? It’s certainly harder than doing other mundane things like pouring myself a glass of juice or munching on a bag of potato chips…I’d ask you, dear readers, to do it, but I wouldn’t want to burden you.

Unless you’ve gotten used to crossing your fingers ever since you’ve dreamed of an R1 release that all of the above is a piece of cake, of course. In the meantime, as an alternative, I suggest rewatching the series (again!!) and reliving it like it’s 2007 like I’ve mentioned I’ve been doing for too long…

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