I Am A Yes-Man to Tetsuya Mizuguchi*

2010 June 15

Out of all of the things released at E3 thus far, Child of Eden, Q Entertainment’s latest attempt at digital synaesthesia (and spiritual successor to Rez), had me wowed. (In second place: Nintendo’s endless amounts of 3DS babes — wait, babes at a Nintendo conference?!)

I’m already formulating a checklist for when I eventually get my hands on the game. The checklist is as follows:

  • Kinect setup
  • booze
  • pair of white gloves
  • trance vibration setup (if applicable)
  • must play it at night by myself in a dark room, as close to the above setup as possible

Once I think about it, if you take the Kinect setup away from the checklist, it sounds pretty suspect…

*Excluding Ninety-Nine Nights, of course. I hope I don’t have to say that about its sequel…

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