Fun with Foursquare at FanimeCon

2010 May 27

FanimeCon, Northern California’s biggest anime convention, is coming back to the San José Convention Center this Memorial Day weekend. I’m pretty much prepared — in fact, in about 45 minutes, I’ll be on my way down there to pick up my badge.

As far as social networking prep goes, I’ve opened up my Twitter to public view for the entirety of the event. (I’ll be closing it back up afterwards, of course.)

But what might even be more fun is the fact that there’s going to be over an estimated 15,000 in attendance (based off of 2009 figures), of which I figure a good chunk are tech-savvy.

That’s where Foursquare comes in. Richard Johnson, one of the e-Gaming heads (well, at least last I checked!), set up a couple of venues for Fanime’s main halls. (Then he claimed the mayorships for all of them, natch.)

Now, that badge at the top of this post? That’s the Super Swarm badge: 250 people checked into the same location.

Think we can do this?

I think we can.

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