2009 July 24

The best five cards in the deck, surrounded by a veritable moat of awesome.

As of recent, I’ve been doing two things: playing DJ Max Technika (of course!), and playing a card game by the name of Weiβ Schwarz. Pronounced something like “vice scha’wars” and translated into “white black”, the game, like its spiritual predecessor Lycèe, features characters and events from several popular anime/manga/game properties. Players fight to “over-level” their opponent – once an opponent hits level 4, that player loses – but the more you become damaged, the stronger you get.

How did I get wrapped up in all of this, though?

Tsubasa, Rome, and Chun bought booster boxes and starter packs and at first I was interested in the game, but the steep price of booster boxes – $80 after shipping from Hobby Search – made me cringe.

Then came Anime Expo. NIS America stocked the English-language version of the Disgaea starter deck at their booth (featuring the only English-language cards in the entirety of the game), and Tsubasa picked one up for Rome, who refused, because he already had a Japanese Disgaea starter. I made an offer to buy it, because it was $12, but not before Tsubasa decided to keep it instead.

I borrowed it while hanging out at Tapioca Express one night, Chun eagerly offering to teach me the game. Playing against his Persona 4 deck, I successfully managed to learn the ropes of the game and defeat him (or at least make him concede when Tap closed). I wanted more.

I asked Tsubasa when he was going to make his next order. Soon, he said, so I promptly logged onto Hobby Search to see what was left (we seem to have a sort of agreement not to touch each others’ properties, although that never was explicitly stated) that I could partake in. Rome had Disgaea, Fate/stay night, Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome/Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, and Clannad; Tsubasa laid claim to Nanoha StrikerS and Da Capo; Chun had a stake in both Persona 3 and 4. I didn’t know too much of  Little Busters!, despite the Key fan inside of me wanting to play it, I surely didn’t want to touch Zero no Tsukaima, and I have yet to play a Shining Force game.

I called Tsubasa up and told him to purchase for me a Lucky Star trial deck and Konomi Yuzuhara sleeves so that we could save on shipping costs. The rest is history.

It's a wave of cute.

Here’s that history: I used to play Magic: the Gathering when I was in middle and high school. There was a shop at the local mall that dealt in Magic cards; I used to buy cards from there whenever I’d get allowance.

My sophomore year of high school, I discovered Megatokyo, which I found to be an amusing read – and I got into fansubbed anime. I was rather curious about Kanon, seeing as how Piro hyped it up so much, and so I watched the anime and I quite enjoyed it. That was the beginning of my Key fanaticism.

A couple of months after Air aired, the card shop had “bishoujo deck boxes and life counters” in stock. I don’t think they knew where the characters came from, but I surely did; I walked out of that shop that day with an Ayu Tsukimiya deck box for $8 and Ayu and Misuzu life spinners for $3 each.

It used to hold my elf tribal deck. Now, seven years later, it holds something much, much more fitting: that Lucky Star deck, in Konomi sleeves.

The real deal.

Where am I going to go from here? With everyone else fine-tuning their decks with their surplus cards after test-playing them a couple of times, I’m very tempted to get a booster box of my own. The problem with that, though, is the steep cost of entry: once again, a box of booster packs costs $60 before shipping.

It’s going to take a while, but I’ve decided, once again, that I want more, and it’ll happen in due time.

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  1. 2009 July 25

    Kanon and Air were straight up awesome anime’s, just goes to show you don’t need violence to create something great. The names of those animes are like the only thing I read though… but they were in BOLD
    :) lol

    • 2009 July 25

      Here comes the double post! Oh yeah are you gonna update the technika guide anytime soon? You can add specialist set and some other minor details but I guess it’s not that important…

      • 2009 July 25

        Kanon and Air had violence manifest in the Mai and Summer arcs, respectively. ;) That aside, they’re indeed pretty good works!

        I’m actually working on a major overhaul of the guide – namely, converting the images that I currently use for tables into actual honest-to-goodness HTML tables, which will be sortable and searchable. Look forward to it :)

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