SoraMani Trailer Hijack! (Update: Now with an MKV!)

2009 March 26

Plain never looked so beautiful...!

Because I can’t Matroska worth a damn:

Do yourself a favor and go to the Sora no Manimani website, or at least copy that link and paste it in your browser’s address bar. At the end, type in manimani_1000.mp4, and hit Enter to download nice, high-quality trailer goodness straight to your desktop.

If you have the Community Combined Codec Pack (or something that can view Advanced SubStation Alpha files, like DirectVobSub), you can download my lovingly handcrafted English subtitles for the trailer here (right click and save as). It’s best viewed with the Estrangelo Edessa and Qlassik Medium fonts – the former is usually installed by default in Windows XP and higher, and the latter can be found here.

And, lastly, a disclaimer: the translation isn’t the best. In fact, a good chunk of it is Rikaichanned, as usual! Also, feel free to distribute it, so long as you don’t edit it.

Addendum: I’ve got a preliminary MKV up for direct download here. Enjoy, and please comment if you find any problems/TL issues!

(Disclaimer: Sora no Manimani is (c) 2006-9 Mami Kashiwaraba/Kodansha – animation (c) 2009 Studio Comet/Marvelous Entertainment/Souei High School Astronomy Club. Fansub done without permission for fans by fans please don’t kill me Japan, uwa~)

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  1. 2009 March 27

    School Rumble staff, eh? I’m getting kind of a Haruhi vibe from the trailer, though. Maybe some Iriya no Sora, too.

    What’s the manga like? More on the comedy side or what?

    I don’t like the designs. In fact, the visual style in general fails to catch my interest… the CG stars or whatever looked pretty bad, specifically. Oh well; there are, of course, worse-looking shows.

    I dunno, I’m kind of ambivalent on this one in general. I’ll give it a shot, though.

    By the way, the fonts you used in your subs sucked. :p Minna ni miageru hoshii should probably be “I want everyone to see them,” too. Dunno, wasn’t paying very close attention.

    • 2009 March 27

      The manga is what it advertises itself to be – a romantic comedy. The setup for most chapters is hilarious stuff happens then romantic/sad/nostalgic stuff happens then there’s a short burst of humor again to wipe your tears, so to speak. I guess it does lean quite a bit toward the comedic side of things?

      I’ll admit the character designs are a bit generic, and the CG stars are something I expect out of a show like this – I expect it’s not given the budget it should get.

      Finally, thanks for the TL note…and I like my fonts. ; ;

  2. 2009 March 29


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