Hop, Step, Jump!

2009 March 22
by Spiritsnare


I sat down to watch a few episodes of Shugo Chara! yesterday, reaching episode 13. Using that momentum, I took it a bit further, and got to episode 17. And I’m loving every bit of it.

I think I’m enjoying this show more and more as it progresses. Every time I worry that the formula might get stale, the show piles on something that spices it up and somehow manages to refresh the whole thing. It feels like they’re not in any hurry to drop the ball and then have Amu and the Guardians fight against One Huge Problem chunk by chunk, but slowly piles on the intrigue each time by gradually introducing things that stack upon one another to make that One Huge Problem, while not leaving them completely without a way to fight back.

I’ve come to really enjoy this kind of pacing. And if this keeps up, I might have to put it on my all-time favorites list for never letting me down, or at least after I get over the initial hype of watching it. That might be hard, though – Doki-, the second series, is currently airing…

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