Colorful Pastels

2009 March 29
by Spiritsnare

That's a massugu go fist right there.

Today, I dug into Sketchbook ~full color’s~ for two episodes due to an acquaintance of mine proclaiming it better than Hidamari Sketch. I wonder why he made the comparison, because it feels as though I can’t really link the two, other than the fact that both of them deal with students with an interest in art and the fact that both of them have “sketch” in the name.

For the better part of episode one, I thought aboout how I could liken it more to ARIA…until they showed ARIA-shachou in the form of a bowling alley’s mascot. Looking up Sketchbook on the Anime News Network encyclopedia, much akin to the realization of my not-so-strong Yui Horie link, it makes a bit more sense: it’s animated by the same guys who worked on ARIA, it’s published in the same magazine as ARIA, and it has Makino Yui, who, likewise, is responsible for theme songs for both series (ARIA OP, Sketchbook ED).

Speaking of Toradora!, I should probably get around to watching the rest of it, now that it’s done. Seems like something I should perhaps watch. And, speaking of anime, I’m somewhat disappointed at the lack of a preview for a new Key series adaptation at the end of Clannad After Story. 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, after all.

Yumemi shall be second to Miichan this year, I suppose.

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  1. 2009 March 30

    Technically speaking, Makino Yui is responsible for ARIA’s OPs, not its EDs (which are by Round Table ft. Nino, Hazuki Erino, and Arai Akino.

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