Whatta Prick

2009 February 10

Okazaki is frowning while trying to figure out what makes Ushio so cute.

The past two episodes of Clannad After Story have been absolutely heart-wrenching for me. Actually, no, I think I should more aptly say the latter half of the past two episodes.

I don’t have a spoiler tag installed into WordPress at the moment (and I’d like to take the time now to once again mention my current addiction with this Korean music game series called DJ Max), so if you want to hear my thoughts on the subject, take the jump.

The end half (okay, quarter, but it felt like half, holy hell) of 16 killed me. I saw it coming from a mile away (thanks, Key, for always being tragic), but it didn’t make the actual event that less painful to watch. I was basically echoing nearly all of Tomoya’s sentiments during and after Ushio’s birth, despite, really, having seen it come from a mile away. Requiescat in pace, Nagisa Okazaki, until my prediction comes true and you’re revived and I can watch you, Tomoya, and Ushio live together happily ever after.

Speaking of Tomoya and Ushio, all of 17 killed me in the fact that Tomoya never smiles in the entire episode, but especially in the latter half, where he never gives Ushio some sort of lighted-up expression (the closest was when they were leaving with a “Shuupatsu~!” – that’s still not smiling, Tomoya). The thing I enjoyed most about 17 was Sanae.

The preview made me cringe even more. Tomoya, stop being a prick, dammit. There’s already been a cutepocalypse (the time when the cutest thing in the entire show disappeared for most of the rest of it, and it happened in episode 9 of the original series), and I’d rather like not to see another one.

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