Waffles Archive: Anarchy Killing Machine Lyrical Android Ken-chan

2009 February 24

From time to time, I’ll be re-posting old content that I’ve salvaged from the depths of my old anime blog, Waffles. Sometimes, these entries will be edited to make more sense as a standalone post; sometimes, the content will be unedited. This particular post is edited; you can see the original post on the second page of the Internet Archive copy.

So, Sunday was the third day of FanimeCon 2007, and manga-ka Sekihiko Inui had a second signing session about an hour after his panel. Truth be told, I actually wasn’t aware of this; caught off-guard without any of my copies of the Comic Party manga on hand, I purchased a brand new copy of volume two from the dealer’s hall, mostly for the fact that it has Chisa Tsukamoto, which is my favorite character of the series.

So I flip through it, figuring out which page I wanted him to sign, and I came across a page that, although it wasn’t Chisa-related at all, would make for the best autograph ever.

So I finally get up to the dude, and they recognize me: “Did you like the panel?” / “Yes, I did.” / “Did I look nervous?” / “No, you appeared really confident.” / “I’m glad.” And he signs the title page.

The front page autograph.

And then I ask Inui-san if he can go and sign an additional page. I flipped to the page, and when he saw it, he did a double-take.

“Did you like this scene?”

“Yeah. It’s just really…out there.”

“But if I sign this, the signature’s going to cover up the words.”

“Oh, this is a second copy.”

This led to the signing of Anarchy Killing Machine Lyrical Android Ken-chan.

A sample of Subaru's finest.

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