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2009 February 28


So I’m watching Clannad After Story 20 and I come across the Best Part of the Episode, in which Fuko visits the Okazaki household riding on her Wave Of Cute. So, I window it to take a printscreen, and I find that Rome, once again, had tossed me a pair of messages –

mDuo13: Seen After Story 20 yet?
mDuo13: If you haven’t, do.

I figure when new episodes of After Story get released my (or our? I wonder) Radar-O-Cute beeps wildly and I immediately download and watch the episode. Unfortunately, my Key-brand Depressometer was disabled in the process, and the last thirty seconds struck a blow to my heart.

I knew something was up. They have four more episodes to go, after all. I’m expecting a nice build-up to what I expect to be a miraculous climax.

I really, really hope she doesn’t die. She’s too young and too cute to pass away.

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  1. 2009 March 2

    When the To Be Continued appeared, I said, “crap.” Everything started to fall in place in Okazaki’s life. And now this :(

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