Dakishimete Iin Desu Ka

2009 February 23
by Spiritsnare


The power of Fuuko and the power of Ushio combine to make one unstoppable wave of cute.

Funny how it came about, though. Rome text messages me Sunday morning telling me “Watch After Story 19, you won’t be disappointed.” After coming back from running an errand, I immediately jump onto AIM after watching the episode.

SpiritsnareAlpha: THAT WAS TOO GOOD
mDuo13: I KNEW IT
mDuo13: I think there was more Fuuko material in the game, too, at least a little bit
SpiritsnareAlpha: I expect more Fuuko material in the coming episodes
SpiritsnareAlpha: but yeah, the moment Kouko showed up I’m all like DAMMIT ROME GG

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