Experimenting with Cooking: “Burrito Helper”

2008 December 8
by Spiritsnare

Today, I ended up cooking for the hell of it. The ingredients?

1 generic Hamburger Helper package, lasagna flavor
4 tortillas, microwaved

So, basically, it’s the Safeway brand of Generic Hamburger Helper-Esque Product without the hamburger, stuffed into supposedly “soft taco size” tortillas. I felt like eating Hamburger Helper today (there’s not a great variety of quick-heat food options ’round the house, and it’s been a while since I’ve actually prepared something, pre-mixed or not), so I passed by Safeway, and they just happened to be having a sale on it. Then, I passed by the tortillas, which were also on sale. I decided to experiment.

I’d like to declare this experiment a pretty tasty success. I’ll be right back as I recover from the ensuing foodcoma.

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