Two Realizations

2008 November 23


[21:44] SpiritsnareAlpha: also I just realized that every Key protagonist is, in some way, a delinquent
[21:45] mduo13: Suppose so
[21:45] SpiritsnareAlpha: Yuuichi is a freeloader; Yukito starts homeless and becomes a freeloader and becomes homeless again; Tomoya is a delinquent; and Riki is dragged into delinquency
[21:45] mduo13: Riki is the least delinquent of them, though
[21:45] SpiritsnareAlpha: It’s true
[21:45] SpiritsnareAlpha: I had to stretch that, admittedly
[21:45] mduo13: also, Yuuichi usually tries not to be a freeloader
[21:45] mduo13: sorry
[21:45] mduo13: Yukito
[21:45] mduo13: I always mix up their names
[21:46] SpiritsnareAlpha: You can make a case for either one
[21:46] mduo13: Yukito actually has a job, of sorts
[21:46] SpiritsnareAlpha: Too bad he never gets money from his main job, hahahaha
[21:47] mduo13: I think Tomoya is the most delinquent
[21:47] SpiritsnareAlpha: Yeah, definitely

Not included in the list: people in a post-apocalyptic world breaking into planetariums. That’s also a stretch, though, but it works!

2. I know I mentioned that this wasn’t an anime blog, but it certainly feels like it is, huh? Not that it’s a bad thing, I guess. I could wax poetic about how the local Mexican chicken place ’round here is quite tasty, but I’m saving restaurant reviews for another time.

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