Fresh Air

2008 November 12

Having thwarted the wrath of my lovely English teacher (she asked for 750 words on The Laramie Project and I gave her 150 more!…although once you take the quotes from the book out it’s probably ’round 750), I decided that I would rewatch Air, as my friend Tsubasa had done. The exchange went something like this:

Spiritsnare: Give me anime. I actually cleared up some space on my laptop for once.
Tsubasa: Sure. Oh, speaking of which, I just recently finished rewatching Air – did you want it?
Spiritsnare: By gee golly yes.

It’s been a while; in fact, it’s been three years and eight months since the initial broadcast of the series. I had almost forgotten how good of a show it was, until I rewatched it. And now I’ve a new desktop in honor (before, I had this shot from Byousoku 5 Centimeter for, like, half a year).

I should get around to actually purchasing the series sometime. I remember being really hyped up about it back in the hey.

I should also probably get around to watching that thing called Clannad. But not after a runthrough of Kanon, either version – although I might get more of a kick out of the 2002 series. And maybe if my stock of tears haven’t dried up by then I might replay Planetarian.

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