2008 November 22

[13:36] mduo13: Matt.
[13:36] mduo13: I’m coming back in less than a week.
[13:36] mduo13: You need to finish CLANNAD (the first season at least) before then.
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: I am busy watching Kanon 2006 *and* 2002~~~
[13:37] mduo13: You can skip 2002
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: :<
[13:37] mduo13: Watch it after Clannad
[13:37] mduo13: I am serious.
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: Okay, here’s the deal
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: if I can *obtain* Clannad, I will watch it
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: actually
[13:37] mduo13: How fast can you download?
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: I think I have like up to 1x
[13:37] SpiritsnareAlpha: not all 26
[13:38] SpiritsnareAlpha: lemme take a look
[13:38] SpiritsnareAlpha: also, I download fast enough
[13:38] mduo13: Now uploading Clannad
[13:38] mduo13: Episodes 1 and 2 should be finished within the next 25 seconds
[13:38] SpiritsnareAlpha: lemme double-check which episodes I have
[13:38] SpiritsnareAlpha: you can skip 1~9 for sure
[13:39] mduo13: It’s going at 3.5MB/s per episode, 2 episodes at a time
[13:39] SpiritsnareAlpha: DAAAAAMN
[13:39] mduo13: 1 and 2 done, 3 and 4 going
[13:40] mduo13: 3 and 4 done

I realized afterward that the series is like 24 episodes, but still, I certainly can’t finish both Kanon and Clannad – not with my homework (a paper that I have to do research for) in the way. I guess I’m going to have to leave Kanon for later.

Without further ado, ‘sup, Kotomi?

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  1. 2008 November 23

    Certainly explains a lot. Finish it well.

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