Keepin’ Evolution

2009 August 24
by Spiritsnare

LOOK AT THIS SCHMANCY NEW CONTENT only in Korea and Taiwan for now!

It’s out!

New Missions

Ten new missions have been added to the list. All of them are rated HD; the corresponding unlocks for these missions are SP charts and a new Technical course.

New Courses

Cotton Candy Set: “Easy Performance”. Does not need to be unlocked.
Consists of To You PP/Closer PP/Motion TP/Voyage TP/Oblivion PP/Here in the Moment TP/Miles PP.
Boss Song: Dear My Lady PP.
EX Boss Song: The Night Stage TP (!!!!!!).

Conqueror Set: “Maniac Performance”. Does need to be unlocked.
Consists of Electronics TP/Come to Me TP/Sin TP/Son of Sun TP/End of the Moonlight TP/Fermion SP
Boss Song: Landscape SP (!).
EX Boss Song: Blythe TP (!).
??? Boss Song: Thor TP.

Randomizer Set: “Various Performance”. Does not need to be unlocked.
Consists of a bunch of random songs.

New Charts

Do you like SPs?  Do you like playing with them…in Popular Mixing?

  • Electronics
  • Fermion
  • Hexad
  • I Want You
  • In My Heart
  • Keys to the World
  • Miles
  • Oblivion
  • Son of Sun

As mentioned, these are unlocked via the new missions.

New Features

Finally, the UI for the online Platinum Crew site recieved a slight overhaul:

  • Experience Point Bar: No more guessing how much you need to play to get to the next level!
  • Mission Listing Overhaul: For any mission, a player’s grade is now shown in a pretty “card” of sorts that shows grade, score, and ranking.
  • Runners-Up: The top three ranking players on all active ranking pages are now shown in a row at the top, and look a bit slicker than before.
  • Card Recovery System: Did you lose your card? Transfer it to a new one (but for 5,000 won – which is about ~$4 USD).

If there are any errors or additions, please comment below!

(Special thanks to BLU @ Bemanistyle and Naver Cafe: DJMAX Technika for some of the info.)

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