Anime Expo Swag

2009 July 6
by Spiritsnare

First Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss?

Clones of 2D Korean girls are suddenly blocking access to my mattress.

In other news, Anime Expo went rather well. Long story short, because I feel too lazy to draft up a proper post (which would be useless anyway because of how I spent the con), I love PM Studios and I love their booth and I love free games of Technika and I love the unity of NorCal and SoCal community and I look forward to AX ’10 for the same reason.

Oh, and Morning Musume was cool, too.

(Oh, and five of these wallscrolls aren’t mine. I picked them up for friends.)

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  1. 2012 January 31
    xai permalink

    hey are you selling those?

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