Time Travel

2008 November 22
by Spiritsnare

One of the things I like to do nowadays in my spare time is go through each pop’n music release and play the crap out of it to unlock it, because up to this point in time I still have yet to do so. Just two days prior to my drafting this post up, I unlocked pop’n music 12 Iroha, and was happy. Then I had the pleasure of playing eighteen stages in Marathon Mode to die at the hands of Bubble Bath Girl [EX] – not a pretty failure.

I decided a part of the way through my playthrough of pop’n music 11 that I would revisit a good old friend, and so I swapped the 11 disc for pop’n music 14 FEVER!, the last great pop’n game to ever release on a home console.

There’s something about Fever that I’d like to hold dear to my heart. At Sunnyvale Golfland, all we had for the past year and then some was Fever. Fever was what I devoted at least a twenty to each month. After several attempts at emulation (pop’n 5 for the original PlayStation on keyboard!) and DualShocking, Fever was the game that finally got me addicted to pop’n (blame its inclusion of the Super Mario Bros. Medley). Fever, over the span of that year, saw me progress from the low level-10s to the level-40 wall (out of a difficulty ranking spanning 43 levels), before the innards of the machine were gutted and its marquee replaced with that of pop’n music 16 Party♪, the likes of which I had experienced two months prior, during a trip to Asia. Not only did the arcade release see the progression of my skill, but the home version of Fever was the first home pop’n game I had unlocked fully, on DualShock skill, while waiting for my Desktop Arcade arcade-style controller to arrive.

And now I had returned, after a month and a half worth of Party.

During my play, the home version of Fever felt incredibly weird to me. It was familiar, yes. The home-version exclusive songs were quite fun to play, yes (woooo Innocent 3!). But after a four song set, I decided that it just didn’t feel right anymore.

I wonder why. Perhaps it’s because Fever was all I did have, to the point where I became sick of it, like every other player at Golfland. Perhaps it’s because Fever was really the bad mix that others made it out to be.

I’ve decided that it probably was a mix of both. I think I’ll be ready for another round of Fever in probably a year from now.

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