The Gun O’Clock PV

2008 October 29
by Spiritsnare

So, in Japan, Bandai is coming out with this thing called a Gun O’Clock – an alarm clock that requires you to shoot a pop-up target with an included laser gun to turn it off. A handful of replies to an Engadget post say it’s been done before.

However, the promotional video plays so heavily off of the Japanese stereotype that most if not all Americans exercise the right to bear arms that it’s hilarious. One, it’s in cute Engrish; two, the patterns in the background mix the American and Japanese flags; and three, the guy appears to get so irked at his alarm clock, he has to shoot it down with a (laser) gun.

Man, those wacky Japanese. I’m still waiting for Konami to release something that forces me to play a game of pop’n music when I wake up. Until then, I’m relying on my trusty four-timer MIDI’d out Vana’diel clock.

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  1. 2008 November 3

    I used to use my CD alarm clock, armed with some sort of music (a Cold CD with “Just Got Wicked” did the job for a while, then I used my Pitfall: Mayan Adventures CD after that) to wake up, but I think I’d rather have a target to shoot personally. And my goodness that video was hilarious! I could practice my Golgo 13 act just by sleeping on my gun and getting awakened to that thing.

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