pop’n music 17 THE MOVIE Location Test

2008 October 30

So, in Japan, pop’n music 17 THE MOVIE commenced its location test. Here are the details, having been updated updating live from 2ch‘s music game board after the break.


  • [Adolescence] Pink / Parquets
    13/27/36/ Chinatsu
  • [Russia 2] Retro Danshaku no Nageki (Retro Baron’s Grief) / Troupe Record
    19/31/39 / Pirozhki
  • [Cinema 2] Movie “Under The Emptiness of Jenova” Theme (?) / Q-Mex
    18/27/37 / Kevin (17)
  • [Capsule Princess] Fushiginakusuri (Miraculous Medicine) / Ueno Keiichi feat. Satoe
    14/29/34 / Monimoni
  • [Cutie Techno Pop] We Can Change / Sota Fujimori feat. Kemy
    16/26/32 / Sora Hoshino
  • [Folktronica] Ringo Logic (Apple Logic) / Dormir
    15/26/35 / Rosalie (2P)
  • [Star Hero] Boku Mo, Watashi Mo, Movie Star☆ (I’m Also, I Am Also A Movie Star) / Ucchies Z
    21/28/38 / Star☆Nyan
  • [Hard Action] Commando / 96
    23/33/40 / Wild
  • [Wasan Techno] ZIN-DEN-GO / V.C.O.
    17/30/38 / DJ Raijin (2P)
  • [Girls Alternative Core] make my way / Yasuhiro Abe feat. Moria Motoko
    22/33/40 / Erika
  • [Ninja Metal] Seisui no Jin (Camp of Seisui?) / Hideo Suwa
    N/37/41 / Yoshio (Old ver.)


  • Skin feels “10-ish”; lots of purple everywhere
  • Rapidly double-tapping the left yellow button allows players to switch between genre and song titles

Additional Notes

  • Licenses seem to be missing except for Konayuki and Sousei no Aquarion?
  • Hawaiian Punk (and its character) are now gone
  • Combos are now identical to IIDX (start from first note, not second); whether or not mash poors drop combo has yet to be confirmed
  • ee’MALL song [K-Classics] Akumajo Dracula Medley has had its character changed from Yuli to Simon Belmondo 2P.
  • Two-hour wait time reported
  • according to PMDream, “approximately 40 people were waiting in line at opening”
  • Songs from pop’n 1~15 are bundled up into one category for the location test; within the category, white buttons may be used for navigation from game to game a la level/title sort
  • 16’s icon is Tent-Kant (Toy Contemporary), 17’s is, as per usual, Mimi and Nyami
  • CS icon is Ratte and Lotte
  • Artist Sort is now implemented
  • Enjoy Mode now uses the same songwheel as Challenge Mode
  • They’re using Party’s sound as a placeholder
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  1. 2008 October 31
    DjNijiRasberry(A.K.A.MZDandMr.KKFangirl) permalink

    Seisui No jin= Person of Mercury(The Star)

    …I wanna hear Pink and Apple Logic ;_;

  2. 2008 November 3


    Also, the revival of your blogging has motivated me to reciprocate. More on that later~


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