Technika Guide: Platinum Crew

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The Platinum Crew Card

The Platinum Crew card is a player’s ticket to the extra features of the game; most of these enhancements come in the realm of online connectivity, which is, officially, collectively referred to as the Platinum Crew service. The Platinum Crew service is not restricted to merely Technika (the Asian versions support DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition and Black Square; and the US version will support Fever), but, because this is a Technika guide, I’ll be focusing on the Technika parts.

Connectivity to the Platinum Crew service is denoted by two things in tandem:

  • A lamp on the machine (labelled Platinum Crew Online) will be lit up;
  • In the bottom-left corner of the machine, there will be a green icon labelled “NET”.

Platinum Crew cards are partially region-locked. They are locked in the sense that the Korean cards are coded for the Korean Platinum Crew service, and North American cards are coded for the North American Platinum Crew service, but you can still keep track of offline scores should you use the opposing country’s card. The two main differences in the English-version cards are the lack of a web address on both sides of the card (on the Korean cards, they ask the player to go to, and the English-language version of the notes and policies on the back of the card. There are also some slight variations in at least the first print run of the cards; for example, the card for First Kiss has the First Kiss title cut off partway at the bottom.

Cards can be obtained in one of two ways. You can either order them through PM Studios via Bemanistyle, or, if your arcade happens to have cards in stock (most do), you can purchase one that way. The MSRP for cards is $8, although some arcades may charge more or less; for a listing of brick-and-mortar locations to get cards, please see the Technika Locations thread on Bemanistyle.

Do you have a fresh card that hasn’t been used yet? You don’t need to activate it (the activation code in the back is for the online functionality, which I’ll cover later) – you can use it as soon as you get your card, even if your local machine is offline! All you need to do is, when it asks you for your card, slide it into the card reader in the front of the machine, face-up, all the way in until you hear/feel a click. Hit the Access ID Card button and wait for it to load it up, then enter your name (limited to eight characters). Then play the game as you normally would!

For every play afterward, do the same thing – the only difference is that it won’t be asking you for a name.

Before I talk about the online features, let’s dive into the offline features first, because more often than not (because we’re here in the US, and not super-networked Asia!), you’ll be coming across disconnected machines.

Using the Card Offline

The card still provides some pretty good basic functionality while offline! The card…

…keeps track of scores for charts in Popular Mixing mode.

While you play the game on Popular Mixing, there’ll be an additional node that holds your personal best score, above the local machine’s high score. (Note that some songs require that you register your card online in order to hold high scores for them; they’re highlighted in green on my Popular Mixing songlist images.)

…allows you to obtain Max Points.
Max Points are the “currency” of Technika; offline, they serve the purpose of enabling you to “purchase” mods for one-time usage (see below).

…allows you to gain experience and level up in rank.
As you play with a card, you’ll find that after a good amount of successful play, you’ll be presented with a new rank. This rank only serves an aesthetic purpose offline.

…allows you to use modifiers.

In Popular and Technical mixing, there’ll be an additional node at the top that will display your avatar, your name, and your current amount of spendable Max Points. To the right of that will be four slots for modifiers, which are as follows (going left to right, followed by the price, in Max Points, to use it):

Notechart Modifiers

  • Random: Randomizes the chart by lane for basic tap notes. (Technika seems to have four “lanes” per half of the screen.) 400p.

Note Modifiers

  • Fade Out: Notes fade out as the judgement line approaches. (In Bemani terms: ‘Hidden’.) 400p.
  • Fade Out 2: A more extreme version of Fade Out. 600p.
  • Fade In: Notes fade in about two seconds prior to its play. (In Bemani terms: ‘Sudden’.) 400p.
  • Fade In 2: Notes fade in right as it’s about to be played. 600p.

Judgement Line Modifiers

  • Blink: The judgement line blinks in time with the beat. 400p.
  • Blink 2: The judgement line blinks on every other beat. 400p.
  • Blind: The judgement line is not shown at all. 600p.

Judgement Swipe Modifiers

  • Right Swipe: The judgement line will always move to the right (even on the bottom half); 800p.
  • Left Swipe: The judgement line will always move to the left (even on the top half); 800p.
  • Reverse Swipe: The judgement line will reverse its movements (top half will go left, bottom half will go right); 400p.

Modifiers will give more Max Points than usual on a song, but usually are not enough to make up for the cost.

Note that your card info carries over between machines! You can jump to a different machine and retain your DJ name, rank, Max Point reserve, and high scores for individual songs.

The Platinum Crew Service (Using the Card Online)

Note: Information in this section is tentative and based upon the Korean release.

Once you’re connected to Platinum Crew, you’re playing the game the way it was meant to be played, and Technika certainly rewards you for doing so. For starters, once you get online, you have eight new songs unlocked from the outset for you to record scores for in Pop Mixing, but if you want more, you’ll have to unlock them. This is where Platinum Mixing – the fourth and final mode, on the right hand of the selection screen – comes into play.

Once you get past the silver shine of the Platinum Crew splash animation, there will be four tabs to your left to select content.

  • The Platinum tab will toss you a list of missions: pre-set courses with three songs each.
  • The Championship tab will display the currently major tournament event(s) going on – you might be able to win potential prizes from PM Studios and Pentavision!
  • The Weekly tab will display the weekly ranking course; for you fighting game afficionados, think of it as the Technika version of a ranbat…sorta.
  • The Special tab will allow you to choose from a handful of courses – of three songs each – that contain Special Patterns that are found nowhere else in the game. Oftentimes, they’re harder than the hardest chart of that respective song.

The Platinum tab is the most important one, because that’s where – and how – you’re going to get your unlocking on.

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