2009 January 31


What does a man do when DJ Max Technika gets removed from Sunnyvale Golfland?

He watches videos of Technika in Korea and he plays DJ Max Portable in anticipation of its return.

Congrats Once More

2009 January 22
by Spiritsnare


You have four years to change the world. Don’t fuck it up.


2009 January 16
by Spiritsnare

A winner is myself.

I realized a bit after my bacon-obsession post, looking at the contents of the front page of my blog (my last ten posts), that I don’t speak too much of anime nowadays (even though a handful of posts do have anime imagery) – as opposed to earlier on when this blog might as well have been an anime blog.

I’m glad I didn’t revive Waffles. Although I do have a handful of things to say about Bounen no Zamned. I’ll wait until it’s over, first.

My Inner Cook’s To-Do List, Part I

2009 January 16
by Spiritsnare

Move over, Cinnabon. (photo credit credit bacontoday | click for original

I’ve wanted to learn how to cook for some time. When I went down to Southern California over winter break, my friend Mark took me to a chain of grocery stores by the name of WinCo Foods, from which I picked up a handful of spices in bulk on the super-cheap (four fistfuls of basil? At WinCo, it’s, like, fifteen cents). Some of you might reply, “you’re going nuts over a frickin’ grocery store?” until I tell you that, for us here in Northern California (or at least, the San Francisco Bay Area), such a thing does not exist.

Anyway, I was looking up recipes to help me put those spices to good use (as in, not making instant ramen and tossing in some peppersteak seasoning) and picked up a couple from the Internet to try…and all of them happen to have bacon in them, which I enjoy quite a bit (I guess I won’t be losing weight any time soon, hahahaha). Listed in order of preconcieved difficulty from easiest to hardest:

Easy: Bacon Cinnamon Buns (pictured above): Admittedly, BaconToday is a surreal site. Following a link to it from the Bacon Explosion recipe (see the Hard recipe below), I found this sucker, and I’m curious. It seems like it’s a pretty simple deal, too.

Medium: The (Double) Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt: I was thinking of whether or not I should attempt to do the original Fatty Melt, and then I found a link to the updated version. I’m down.

Hard: The Bacon Explosion: So my friend Jay linked me to this and I was all like “damn, I want to try that, it looks ridiculously heartstopping”. It blew my mind so much that it led to the creation of this post.

Blog posts will be coming for each (and some experimentation a la that Burrito Helper) as I go. Assuming I survive, of course. If I don’t, though, I might also end up taking some people with me.

We’ll end up having an eternal bacon barbeque using the fires of hell.

A Change of Scenery

2009 January 13
by Spiritsnare

The Desktop Randomizer and Selector kadoozie.

As soon as the Windows 7 beta publically released (or, rather, properly released), I nabbed it, mostly to see what the hype was all about. It’s a pretty decent OS thus far. I haven’t had much experience with Vista, so I can’t say how much of an improvement this is over that (although I’m sure you can find it somewhere else). However, it’s quite speedy and zips along just as fast as XP did, except with a dash of Aero polish. I didn’t need to install any drivers, either; everything worked right out of the box, except for the fingerprint scanner my laptop came with, which Windows 7 instantaneously and gleefully provided a link to.

Coincidentally, Pentavision released the ‘full version’ of the DJ Max Portable Black Square website and had some downloadable goodies on hand, too. I nabbed a pair, and now they’re in a rotation with three other images in Windows 7’s built-in desktop picture shuffler thing. Nifty-nifty stuff.

Now, the only gripe I have is that I can’t watch softsubbed anime on Windows 7. Supposedly, there are ‘working’ tweaks, but for some odd reason or another, those tweaks aren’t working their magic on my computer.

I guess whenever I’m in the mood for Shugo Chara!, I’ll be restarting my computer, but other than that, I’m quite content with Windows 7 thus far.

Addendum: While talking with Rome, I did a pair of benchmarks: it takes about less than a minute (50 sec.) to get to ‘fully working’ e.g. you can open up an application and not have it choke; and RAM usage upon startup is approximately 17% of 4GB (.68GB). This figure jumps to about 24.x% when I actually start doing stuff (for the record, this is on “maximum-shiny” Windows Aero – boatloads of blending effects and whatnot ahoy!

Also, I was able to do the above picture in Paint. Whenever I get back to XP, I’ll give it that good dose of drop shadow. Still – proper PNG support in Paint is great, even though it’s probably been there since Vista.

Speaking of things that were in Vista but are not present in 7, Inkball is gone. The best default Windows game came and went. Microsoft needs to correct this, and preferably with the next beta build of Win7.

Playing The Future

2009 January 7

Urbatronic Chopstick is one of the best artist names. Ever.

DJ Max Technika, the arcade iteration of the successful Korean music game franchise, after successful location tests of the US version at two arcades in Southern California, has come up to Northern California as part of their second round, at Sunnyvale Golfland.

And damn is it fun.

The machine arrived on Monday, December 22, 2008, through the negotiation magic of Corey Prasek (Ver2), who arranged the location test with both Pentavision/PM Studios and SVGL. I arrived at SVGL at 1. Rushing into the arcade with Rome in tow, I found myself immediately stopped by Corey – “Not yet.” I resigned myself to several games of BlazBlue and beatmaniaIIDX.

Corey had some people help him tug the hefty machine into the arcade. It was more beautiful in person. After setting it up, I called my friend Mark to relay the message to the masses at Bemanistyle – it’s finally here!

By the end of the night, over 30 people had come to line up to play (or spectate) the game. The queue ranged anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on whether or not newcomers to the game underestimated the game’s difficulty (and failed on their first or second stage as a result). I had a chance to play about four games, not counting the attempt I made at the Customizer course (the hardest expert course in the game; I ‘passed’ Y as my first song, but failed the meet the quota – see below).

I originally planned for this post to be an introduction to Technika, but the post grew so big I sectioned it off into its own page! Take a look at the page here, and expect constant updates as I collect more info about the game.


2009 January 5

Nemui da zo~

If and when I can find the time, there’s going to be one helluva update waxing poetic on my trip down to Southern California these past few days – four days, in which three were spent at Arcade Infinity. Also, cosplay pictures from Anime Los Angeles!

Oh, also: many revelations about DJ Max Technika, how developers for the game further propagate the stereotype that everyone in Korea plays StarCraft, and how Michael Yum is a man among men.

But only if and when I can find the time. Which should be relatively soon – I’m not going to go on super-extended hiatus just yet.


2008 December 25
by Spiritsnare



2008 December 22
by Spiritsnare

The first four plays. Not shown: "Vhatdat".click to expand

You know something amazing’s going down when you and two of your friends, having been burnt out by a game of Settlers of Catan, decide to play Scrabble diagonally.

You also know something amazing’s going down when the first round consists of the words “vhat” (46 points), “Ngage” (15 points), and “vhatdat” (64 points).

And for the record, the person who played TaQ was not me.


2008 December 18
by Spiritsnare

This picture is totally inappropriate for the area I live in.

I just finished my last essay of the semester.

Winter break, here I come.