The Rihoko “Drinking” Game

2010 October 29
by Spiritsnare

So the Rihoko arc has just started in Amagami SS, which means I’m actually compelled to watch it. She’s my favorite character — mostly because, like the protagonist Junichi, I get to comment a lot on how she’s a fatty.

However, unlike Junichi, I happen to be a fatty, too. Because of that, Rihocchi pretty much became my nakama of the series.

Of course, I figure her arc is going to have a lot of eating in it. Thus, this post.

I concocted a little drinking game back when the series first started. It went something along the lines of “Take a shot whenever Morishima-senpai describes Junichi as being yasashii.” If I remember correctly (I don’t have the episode on me for reference), that ended up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 shots for episode one.

When the next arc started, in my boredom, I started picking on Rihocchi again, and made a drinking game for her. Sorta.

The Sakurai Rihoko “Drinking” Game

The main rule: you don’t drink. In lieu of shots are those small snack-size cups of ice cream. You can go for the generic brand pack of cups-that-try-to-masquerade-as-a-parfait-or-something-schmancy-like-that (something like $6 for a dozen cups?), or you can be a bit more upscale and grab the name brand of your choice (around here, Dreyer’s(1) cups were $1 a piece; Häagen-Dazs went for $1.25 each and were smaller). Go to your local supermarket. Depending on which episode(s) you and your friends are going to watch, attempts at this game can range anywhere from 6 to 60 to 600 cups a person. (If you’re going to attempt the entire series — and if you do, please do reply or send me mail(2) with pictures of the aftermath! — I strongly recommend the use of a mini-fridge.)

There are simply four instances in which you’ll have to chow down:

  • Whenever Rihoko appears, eat a cup.
    A good guideline for “appearance”, especially in her own arc, is sorta like having a combo count in a game — if the show transitions into a new scene and she isn’t there, a new instance of her appearing would trigger a cup.
  • Whenever Rihoko is shown eating something, eat a cup…
    You can either set this trigger to “item”, “course within a meal”, or “meal”.
  • …plus another cup if the item/course/meal in question is fatty enough.
    You get to decide whether it’s fatty or not. Rule of thumb? Everything she eats is fatty.
  • Whenever Junichi implies that Rihoko is a fatty, eat three cups.
    This is also a subjective interpretation. I play by the loosest interpretation — most of the time, if Junichi mentions the words “belly”, “food”, “diet”, etc., etc., in reference to Rihoko, that’s a trigger.

Like any other drinking game, you can adjust the rules, but abolishing them isn’t any fun(3)! Oh, and of course, make sure you’ve got an empty stomach (even if you’ve got a second one for dessert) – episode 17, by my count, was a 25-cup smorgasbord.

1. If you live anywhere that’s not in the Pacific time zone of the United States, you probably know them as Edy’s. For the curious, of course, Wikipedia can explain why.
2. My e-mail address is obtainable via a link in the footer. I don’t actually expect anyone to do this, of course, but I can at least imagine something akin to Kara no Kyoukai’s 5th chapter, with all them strawberry ice cream cups.
3. If you don’t think this could be amusing at all, you may substitute the word ‘fun’ with ‘fatty’.

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