Taiko “Plus” Something Else

2010 July 7
by Spiritsnare

Remember the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Taiko no Tatsujin Plus?  Now it’s actually got something added to it in the form of a collaboration with infamous Kanagawa hiphopping group Rip Slyme.

In addition to that, several DLC packs beyond the first three have been released, all at Y600 apiece —

  • RS Pack: Taiyou to Bikini / Funkastic / Joint / Rakuen Baby / Speed King
  • Kids’ Songs Pack 1: Omocha no Cha-Cha-Cha / Detective Conan Main Theme / Yuuki 100% / Ningentte Ii na / Mori no Kuma-san
  • Popular Songs Pack 3: Ai Uta / Yume wo Kanaete Doraemon / Lum no Love Song / Linda Linda / Love Story wa Totsuzen ni

There used to be a J-Pop Pack (Kibun Jou Jou↑↑ / Train-Train / Daite Senorita / Age♂Age♂Every☆Knight / Sunao ni Naretara), but supposedly due to licensing issues, they had to pull it off the App Store shelves momentarily.

I’ve currently got just the RS pack for now — the cuts are alright (especially given Funkastic and how I’m used to listening to the long version all the time thanks to Neil Cicierega), the charts are pretty difficult, and the new free song (via an update that also adds Auto Mode by tapping on the nameplate) is icing on the cake.

Now, how about them boss songs, huh? Fun fact: when I was reading the reviews, two out of every three reviews gave iTaiko a low score either because the song packs were too expensive or there needed to be 2000-series songs added; the latter was more common. I want them, too!

Either that or a 500-yen pack consisting of only Wonder Momoi. I’d buy it.

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